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Long Runs

There’s seriously nothing like a long run on my calendar. It’s an attainable, but stretchable goal. It sits there as the pinnacle at the start of my week. The good start that sends me rushing into the week on the … Continue reading

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One of the prompts for this week asked what you to help yourself on a bad mental health day. And my answer is that I run. I began running last year for several reasons. I needed a hobby. I needed … Continue reading

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Vegas 10k: Getting Serious

Today I am exactly 14 weeks from the Run Rock n Roll 10k on the Vegas Strip. We booked our hotels tonight, which somehow makes it more real than when we paid for the race. It’s time to get serious … Continue reading

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Run for a Dream

I remember that it was one of those days that is sticky and warm, but not overwhelmingly hot. We were out walking the dog in the empty corporate parking lot across from our apartment complex. I remember that I was … Continue reading

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May Running

My darling husband and I were talking yesterday as I limped home from a run. I made it two miles in, only to trip on the sidewalk and bite it seven-year-old style. Thank goodness for capri length running leggings or … Continue reading

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Five for Friday, v. 28

How is it already Friday again? This week has flown by. I guess that’s a good thing, but it seems bad when even the days aren’t long since the years are already too short. I can’t believe we’re rapidly approaching … Continue reading

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Run To Remember LA

Today was race day! This race experience was so different from my half marathon last month. Speaking of, I can’t believe that I ran my first race in early December and it’s still not been two months since then. While … Continue reading

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