Five for Friday v. 38 Cancun Edition

I have so many pictures from Cancun. They’ll probably be leaking their way into my posts for quite some time. But since this wasn’t the kind of vacation to do a day by day recap, and that really isn’t my thing anyway, I figured I would make this post an overview. Prepare for a picture overload. 

one We stayed at the Omni via Costco Travel and I can’t recommend both enough. My favorite thing to do was take pictures out our window every day. Sometimes several times. 

Our room was huge and featured these awesome chairs – that they kept turning back in on the room. I totally didn’t get it. 

Above is the hot tub bar where we spent most of our time. The best part was that they enforced the 18 and up rule with no exceptions. The bartenders were amazing at remembering who was drinking what and it was rare to finish a drink without being offered our next. 

two Some of the reviews for the Omni mentioned lackluster food. We didn’t get any of that. Our second favorite spot in the resort was the Sushi Hut. We are there every day and couldn’t get enough. 

The specialty restaurants were also quite good. With creative presentations and solid food. I even convinced B to try beef carpaccio and tuna tartar. 

Even the buffet had tasty food. And there was always plenty of it. Each night had a different theme and we both tried a bunch of new-to-us dishes. It was actually hard to pick where to eat each day because all of the food was so good. 

three Chichen Itza was my one requirement for this trip. I didn’t care if we spent the whole rest of the trip just chilling on the beach or by the pool, I wanted to go visit this World Wonder. 

The first stop of our day was actually a Cenote. We chose not to swim, but had a lot of fun wandering around and listening to everyone else jump in. 

Chichen Itza itself was amazing. All of the ruins are incredible and our tour guide was very fun. His routine involved telling us the truth and not the stories. And regardless of whether that was true or not, he was informative and funny. 

I’m so glad we made this our one exception to lazing and drinking. It was definitely worth the early wake up and long bus ride. If you ever get the chance to go, take it. 

four Pretty much all of our time on the beach was spent walking, running, or taking pictures. I’m not a huge fan of laying out on the beach or in wave jumping. But running or walking the beach? I love it. Even if my ankles don’t. 

I tried to have us go down to the beach every time we got dressed up, but the hot tub and lighting didn’t always allow for it. I took less and less pictures as the days went by, which is a sign of a pretty good vacation to me. 

We did make time every morning to either go for a run or a long walk on the beach. It wasn’t much, but it made both of us feel better about lazing, eating, and drinking the rest of our time. 

five It’s no secret that I don’t do nothing very well. We finally found the magic combo on this trip. After breakfast and a run on the beach, we would go to the hot tub bar until the sushi hut opened. Then we would snag a table by the pool and B would fetch his laptop for writing and my kindle. 

I found it much easier to relax and do nothing when that involved staring at the horizon, eating more sushi, and jumping into the pool. I even managed to spend some time just sitting and reading. I already miss this place. 

We haven’t been the best at taking vacations just us. Or at balancing relaxing with adventuring. But this trip? Was the best of all of it. I’m not sure what we’ll do next year, but it will be hard to top this trip. 

Have you ever traveled with Costco? Would you ever consider it? 


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3 Responses to Five for Friday v. 38 Cancun Edition

  1. This sounds like such a great trip! I had never heard of Costco Travel, but now I am intrigued!

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