The Neon Museum

 When we decided to go back to Vegas instead of hitting up San Francisco, I wanted to do more than just be drunk on the strip. We agreed on the Grand Canyon being our big trip, but we also wanted smaller excursions around town. We settled on a combo ticket to see the Neon Museum and the Mob Museum while we were there. 


The Neon Museum is also known as the Neon Graveyard or Junkyard. It’s a collection of all the old signs from old Las Vegas. The museum offers a one hour guided tour either day or night time. We opted for a day time tour; but I wish we had gone at night. At night everything is lit up, especially the restored signs. 

The hour long tour features a lt of tales about the history of Las Vegas.  A lot of it was random, but also fun. 

The Neon Museum is used for weddings, so when displaying the Moulin Rouge sign, they chose to do so in a way that displayed ‘in love’ for wedding photos. 


This guy was actually designed to be displayed without paint. But, everything is painted in Vegas. Go big or go home. 

I remember nothing about this sign. Except that I love seahorses.   


I love the space age lettering of this sign. Also, all the little glitter puffs that are little atomic dust puffs. They are the best. Probably my favorite old Vegas story is that they would host atomic testing viewing parties and drive people out into the desert to watch the tests. 

When the guide asked the theme of this museum, B immediately answered death. Because, you know, the afterlife makes people want to gamble. 

The museum is a non profit that restores old signs. They take in old signs, display them all, and  restore the most damaged ones so they can be displayed for years to come. I love their mission of preservation. 

This adorable duck evidently cost a car dealership over 250 thousand. In the sixties. People be crazy. 

In all, I loved our trip to the Neon Museum.  I do want to go back at night to see it all lit up. I would even consider paying to do a photo shoot there, it’s really a great place. When you add in visiting the Mob Museum, it’s a great deal. Both give a window into the history of Vegas. If you’re looking for more culture and histor in Vegas, I highly recommend both the Neon and Mob museums.  


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  1. Kate says:

    I’ve always wanted to go there!

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