Five for Friday, v. 28

How is it already Friday again? This week has flown by. I guess that’s a good thing, but it seems bad when even the days aren’t long since the years are already too short. I can’t believe we’re rapidly approaching the end of February, didn’t we just ring the year in?

img_2600 one It’s not like I’ve slacked off from running this year, seeing as I ran my second race and set a PR by shaving 5 minutes off my previous best. But, I’ve felt inconsistent so far this year. On Sunday, I woke up slightly hungover and really just wanted to go back to bed. Instead, I downed my coffee and went for a run. Tuesday, I came home from work and ran a short mile right after dinner. Wednesday, I sent myself on a 5k run before work and just beat the rain and cooler weather. Today, I’m hitting 10 miles, my longest run of the year. Which is to say, it’s been a good week for running and I’m glad to be back at it. I wasn’t planning on hitting 10 miles quite yet, but B got surprised with the toughest leg of his relay race and now has to be ready in 4 weeks to run 10 miles, uphill at an 8:00 pace. The least I can do is run 10 miles in solidarity. I’m still shocked that we’ve become the couple who runs all the time, but I’m totally loving it.

img_2611two B switches back to days on Sunday!!!! There are seriously not enough exclamation points to express how happy, excited, and relieved I am for this change. He first went to nights back in early November and it’s been a long four months. We’re both wandering around sleep deprived, grumpy, and just off. Most weeks we don’t see each other at all from Wednesday until Friday, and even that is only a brief hello/goodbye when he wakes up before work. I’m quite glad he’ll be rejoining the land of the daytime dwellers. While we’ve been making it work, it hasn’t been easy. I’m not sure how long he’ll be sticking around on days, but I will be taking advantage of it for as long as it lasts. And hats off to his running coach who is the one who pulled strings to get him on days due to the race next month.


three I’ve been moping all week about missing out on the family trip to Hawaii this week. I’ve struggled with discontent, depression, and just FOMO to be honest. I could go on, but I’ve also decided this week that I can’t change circumstances but I can change my attitude about those circumstances. We’re currently going to Vegas in a month, Mexico sometime this year, and DC this fall, so while missing Hawaii sucks, it’s not like we’re not going to have an awesome year of travel. While my attitude revelation was, of course, about not me, it totally applies to my life. When X happens, I have two choices – get upset, or roll with it. I’m working toward choosing the roll with it option every time. Hopefully more sleep will help with that.

img_2588four Speaking of roll with it, last Thursday I got my 30 (22) day notice from the preschool I’ve been wrestling with since September that they had found my replacement. I wasn’t surprised, since I refused to sign their contract on several ethical principles, but I was sad. I’m not going to miss the passive-aggressive women who run the business, who still haven’t said a word to me since dropping my notice in the mail (eight days late); but I will miss every grubby toddler hug that I got each Thursday. I will miss the little faces that lit up when they rounded the corner and saw me sitting on the floor waiting for them. I will miss the shrieks of delight from the two year old class when I imitate a train whistle with my slide whistle. I’m a damn good teacher, and I do hope that my replacement will be just as much fun for those kids.

97c7c449-eb1f-480c-8e3c-1942243338fbfive We took B’s 09 Civic in for a brake job on Monday and walked out with a lease on a 16 Civic. What can I say, we aren’t really impulse purchasers, but we hate walking away from a good deal. Plus, the upgrades are going to be a balm to our traffic weary souls. This thing has adaptive cruise control, which means no more yelling about slowing down by me. The timing mostly amuses me because it’s obviously a joint decision/purchase that happened right as my timeline was again flooded with articles about how separate finances are the way to go to avoid financial arguments. We have combined finances and have yet to have a single argument about money. Yes, we discuss major purchases, but neither one of us has veto power. Rather, we both have common sense. I’m not against couples doing what works for them, but I am tired of the continuation of the tired attitude that couples who share finances have to fight about them all the time. I have a lot more thoughts on this, but that’s probably best saved for another day.


About texancountess

I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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2 Responses to Five for Friday, v. 28

  1. san says:

    Look at you running 10 miles! I haven’t attempted that in a while, but I am working myself up to it again.

    Congrats on the new car! Sometimes you have to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves ;)

    • It’s my longest run since my half marathon. I would like it to become a normal long run distance for me, but man is it far. Haha.

      The deals were ridiculously good. And since we aren’t mechanically inclined, the lease felt like a good option to never have to repair our car…

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