Five for Friday, v. 19

It’s been an incredibly busy week. I’ve taken all of fourteen photos since the ones I posted last week. One was of B’s new schedule, two were of books that I was selling to students, two were of the carpet being down in our new house, two of the paint chips we went with for paint colors, four were of furniture we’re selling on Craig’s List, one was of the couch we bought, one selfie, and one landscape picture. Which is to say, it’s been a busy, but boring week.

one Work as a freelance music teacher is interesting. I’ve never really done it. I mean, I’ve taught for myself, taught for other people, but I’ve never really been a contractor with multiple positions. And, I’m still really not. I work for one studio primarily – teach classes for them along with private lessons and they’re amazing at filling my schedule. I just picked up a preschool one morning a week to do their music enrichment program. I’m pretty excited. I love what I’m doing, which to me really is the most important part. It’s just nice that it also pays really damn well.

two Loki is not happy. Last week we decided to list our couch, recliner, dining table, and patio furniture on Craig’s List. All of it is being replaced upon the move and I would rather sell it for super cheap than throw it away. We thought we sold the couch right away, so we dismantled it and moved it from our loft to the main floor. Unfortunately, it turns out that Craig’s List buyers are much more fickle than small base yard sale buyers. I’ve been contacted over a dozen times, I’ve actually sold one thing so far. Still, the house is now missing a dining table and our couch is in sections. So, poor Loki has that upheaval along with all the boxes and suitcases that I busted out during this week’s packing sessions. He’s really not happy. Still, on Thursday night, I got him to sit and lay down with just a snap of my fingers and pointing (ok, I was totally holding a treat) then he stayed still while I placed a treat on each paw and he didn’t go for them until I told him it was ok. It’s amazing what a little training will do. I can’t wait for him to have more room in our new place.

three Speaking of the new place, we signed all our documents with Escrow on Wednesday. Talk about anti-climatic. We sat in a windowless room with a Notary Public and scrawled our John Hancock’s a bunch of times. B faithfully read everything. I skimmed it all. Mostly. A lot of the documents were pages we had already electronically signed, so I had read most of it before. We wired our down-payment over on Thursday, only because it was too late to do so by the time we finished signing on Wednesday. And now, we wait. Good news is no news right now. They should fund the loan on Tuesday and we should get keys on Wednesday. But, they can’t control how early the county will record our deed, which is what controls us getting keys. I really hope it’s earlier on Wednesday as B is off that day. If they don’t come until late, I will be 100% moving all our stuff alone prior to the arrival of our movers to move the furniture on Sunday. Plus I need to paint.

four We bought paint this last week while it was on sale. A few commercials about the awesomeness of Behr’s Premium Marquee paint had me convinced. We color matched to three colors and I can’t wait to see them on the walls. The two bedrooms and the bonus room will be a dark tealish gray. And by dark, I probably mean medium. Nothing is that dark. The main floor will be a light, icy-gray-teal. That’s totally a color. Light and bright is my hope. The bathrooms will all be a slightly more intense aqua-teal color. My hope is to achieve a spa-like atmosphere. Here’s hoping it works. If not, we’ll live with it for quite some time. Paint ain’t cheap. We also bought a couch. We had been discussing getting a sleeper sofa for the bonus room. But, it had to be comfortable. The bonus room will be our gaming room, aka where we spend 90% of our time. But, with only two bedrooms, we wanted a third area where people could sleep that wasn’t just on a couch. My parents bought a La-Z-Boy sleeper on the Labor Day sale, raved about how comfy it was. So, we went, we sat, and we bought. Only, we went for the full sized to save on space.

five I feel like I mentioned awhile back that I’m looking into resetting my original engagement ring. I know some people are think that an engagement ring is a gift you should wear forever, but B proposed without a ring. We rushed out and bought one uninformed about pretty much everything. I had regrets. Last year we upgraded from a diamond to a moissanite and I LOVE my new ring. Lots of sparkles, still money for a down payment. You know, that we just made on the house we’re moving into next week. But, I had my original ring just sitting there. It’s in a box. I’m always worried that I’ll misplace it. I’m good at losing things. So, I want to reset the stone into something I could wear on my right hand on a regular basis. I want a three stone ring, with London Blue Topaz or something similar as the flanking stones to my diamond. I want it in Rose Gold. I want a flowing bezel set that arcs into an infinity band. And, last night, I finally contacted a custom designer about making my wants into reality. Here’s hoping I get to start working toward it sooner rather than later. Because sparklies.


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I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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