Five for Friday, v. 18

IMG_1825one One of B’s childhood friends came into town over this last weekend/week. They’ve known each other since the third grade. Following my post about the difficulty of making and keeping friends, it amazes me that they’re still in close contact. They spent part of the trip backpacking in King’s Canyon National Park. That marked the first time in five years that I have been unable to speak to B at least once a day. It through me for a bit of a loop and I had to quell panic attacks on Sunday night that something had happened to them and no one would know until they didn’t come home on Tuesday. Luckily, everything was just fine and we went on to enjoy the rest of the visit.

IMG_1820two Running has been a great thing to pick up for myself. I took it a little easier this week with the training, thanks to an upset stomach, but I’m still out there getting (most of) my runs in. I find the time very relaxing. Not necessarily as I’m pounding the pavement, but after, I just feel better. And not just in the endorphin release way, from the exercise. I’m guessing it’s happy brain chemicals in regards to accomplishing my goals. I know that when I had to stop my long run on Tuesday that I struggled with beating myself up the rest of the day. But, this is week 2 of 15, I don’t need to push when I’m sick or hurting. I’m loosely following the first weeks of the Nike+ plan until the plan actually starts in just over a week. I’m glad I had some wiggle room to start getting my body used to running consistently – 3 miles is starting to feel, I won’t say easy, but good.


three Who would have thought that the damn piano would be one of the most confounding parts of our move? The answer is anyone who has ever moved a piano before ever. The damn thing is heavy, awkward, and hard to move. We originally said we would just pay for movers as it’s how we’ve always moved together and makes our life easier. Then we started researching pricing. At that point, B wanted to do it all ourselves with a rental truck and friends but I hate imposing, plus the piano is damn heavy. We finally compromised, and we’ll be moving all the miscellany ourselves, but hired movers to take care of all the big furniture items. Even better, we found a Groupon, so we got them at a deal. The final compromise was that the piano will be living on the ground floor, so that no stairs have to be navigated with it.

IMG_1815four We walked the beach at sunset earlier this week, after a delicious happy hour dinner at our favorite seafood joint in Manhattan Beach. It was only our second sunset, and maybe third walk along the beach in the later evening hours and we’ve decided that has to change. The beach is so much quieter, cooler, nicer at that time of day. We’ve discussed taking our blanket, light jackets, and books, to go enjoy the sunset into twilight at the beach. For me, there’s no place I would rather be. Here’s to us getting back to actively pursuing the serenity we find out there.You know, once the chaos of moving is done.

IMG_1822five We’ve run into the comical tragedy of Murphy’s Law regarding B’s job, OT, and my being at home. The week I was in Texas, we were hoping he would pull some decent OT, yet he didn’t work more than 2 hours on any night and went home right on time one of the nights. I come home? And it’s back to at least 2 hours, if not significantly more, every single night. Last Friday, they planned to dodge the OT because of our friend coming into town and having gotten close to three hours of it the night before. Did that work? Noooope. He pulled in 4 hours of OT, finally meeting us at a Taco Bell just after 11pm to kick off the weekend. Last night was his first night back and we were hoping for a quiet easy cycle, because he works two days, then is off one, then works a three day stretch. Did that happen? Nooope. He racked up just shy of 6 hours of OT, got home at 1 am, and luckily got a 2 hour reprieve for reporting today, so he was able to get over 5 hours of sleep. I’m not even trying to hope that he’ll get off at a decent time tonight, as nice as it would be to spend some time together before the chaos of the next couple of weeks.


About texancountess

I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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