Five for Friday, v. 16

one It always seems like too long between my visits to Texas.  My family is all here, my favorite people, my favorite places. I’ve called many places home, since 2010; but, the truth is that there’s no place like home and that home, for me, is Texas. I miss the crazy thunderstorms and gorgeous clouds. I miss the rock bottom gas prices, cheap BBQ that is the best in the world, and HEB. I miss my loved ones related both by blood and soul. And Whataburger, because there’s no place likeWhataburger. 

two It took my nephew most of Thursday morning to warm up to me. He wasn’t too sure about that stranger in his Minzy’s house when they arrived. He didn’t like that I kept taking the trains he wasn’t playing with to choo-choo them around the couch. Then we went to lunch. And I sang one of my silly class songs to him. About dusting. and with a few simple, dust dust dusts, we were friends again. He even left his dada’s arms tonight to give me a hug goodbye. Though maybe he just wanted my BFF. She’s the coolest person in the world to him. 

three B has managed to pull a few hours of overtime while I’m gone. Honestly, I’m glad it hasn’t been more. Normally when he works late in able to get things ready for his next day. Not to mention, Loki is not used to being alone all day. I’m pretty sure they miss me as much as I miss them. This is the first time we’ve been separated where we haven’t had all day access to our phones since we moved in together five years ago. It’s a strange feeling. I text him right before he leaves for work and then he calls me at the end of his day. In some ways, it’s easier and in others it’s lonelier. 


four I am so lucky for the people in my life. My beloved SisIL and I were texting tonight. We kept making each other laugh. We both needed it.  My BFF forever came up to spend the weekend with me. It means so much that she would drive three plus hours each way just to hang out at my parents house. Friendship makes the world go round. 


five Tomorrow is my sister’s baby shower. It’s been so much fun getting things ready and I can’t wait for tomorrow. We’ll decorate quilt squares, open gifts, and celebrate new life. I can’t think of a better culmination to my trip. 


About texancountess

I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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  1. That sushi looks so good. Neeeeed.

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