Getting Weddinged: A Beginning

I’ve been debating over whether or not I was going to blog about our planning and execution of our getting weddinged ceremony. On the one hand, I don’t want to be THAT girl, but on the other, this is something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time, most especially the last few years. I finally decided that people are more than welcome to skip over any weddinged related posts, so I’ll be marking them clearly in case you don’t want to read about it.  The other side of it is that there’s so much that I already can’t talk about going on in my life right now, that I decided I will share the one part that I can.

yep, that's definitely a sign of elopement

yep, that’s definitely a sign of elopement

It was always our intention to have a ceremony, or get weddinged, after we eloped. We wanted to share our joy with our friends and family. For me, it’s about them getting to witness our vows and participate in our pledge of forever. For B, it’s about having them celebrate with us in a big party.

We almost decided not to do it. Once we’d had to put it off for the first couple of years, we worried about it being silly or stupid to do a ceremony. There’s also the whole cost factor and always having better things to spend the money on. And then B’s second brother got engaged. And he decided to tease us about how we were past the point of being able to have a wedding and we should just pop out babies instead. He got the smack down and we set our date.

Which is how we’ve come to start planning our weddinged ceremony for our fourth anniversary. There are some family factors that are causing us to have to make decisions now, but I’m actually pretty grateful for that as having everything set before we enter the chaos of a PCS will be really nice.

There have already been quite a few ups and downs in this process, so I’m excited to share it all. I have a lot of pent up energy on this whole planning thing, since I started planning my wedding to B…two and a half months after meeting him…to be fair, this was after he asked me to move in with him. But still, that’s over four years of pent up ideas. That I’m trying to weave into a tasteful, thoughtful, and affordable ceremony.

~The Countess~


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4 Responses to Getting Weddinged: A Beginning

  1. AMargaretV says:

    My husband and I had a vow renewal after our elopement as well. At first I felt odd planning a “wedding” when we were already married, but most of our family came out for it and they loved it. I loved the fancy pictures :) The cost was hard though, especially when you are already married so you are pretty much spending thousands of dollars on a party lol. But if it’s important to you then I think it’s worth the money

    • I’m having to think really hard about what I want to include and why, since some of the wedding traditions don’t feel right to me since we’ll have been married four years by the time we do this. We finally realized that eloping didn’t take away our desire or “right” to have the wedding we always wanted.

  2. Army Amy says:

    I know you aren’t looking for my opinion, but I say go for it! Is it totally cliché if I say YOLO right now? But seriously, you only live once, so you should do what you want to do!

    I want to once again throw out my endorsement for A Practical Wedding! They have touched on the topic of post-elopement weddings before, so it might be a good resource. If nothing else, it’s always an interesting read.

    • I totally forgot to tell you that I became hooked on APW a couple of weeks ago. When I first seriously committed to doing this ceremony, I wanted a place to read about weddings that weren’t all huge WIC affairs. I remembered your rec and checked it out – and I’m definitely enjoying it!

      And thanks for the support!

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