Back in July, when I was still excitedly employed by a child care facility, I gave up two Saturday mornings in a row to get Red Cross CPR certified. Unfortunately for me, the company I worked for paid for the certification (it was required for my job) and kept the certification after I quit. While I could probably go track them down, it seemed like a lot of effort to just be infant/child certified. Last month, a friend messaged me that the medical group was offering a free certification through AHA and we went to the session this morning.

It worked as a great refresher course for both of us (her certification was just up in November) though we both think it would be a rough course for someone who had never had CPR at all before. They had four stations set up each with dummies and an instructor for infant, child, adult, and AED training. There wasn’t a set order to proceed in, which is part of what made it a bad course for beginner. Since there was no starting point, the very basics of CPR were never covered as a whole. I think the class would have been greatly improved by taking ten minutes at the start to explain that for all CPR cases you would do xyz and then send people to their stations. The infant station was also the only place where we did the full two minutes of a CPR round, which is unfortunate because until you pound out thirty chest compressions on an adult mannequin in five cycles (so 150 total) you don’t realize how tiring it is.

It’s funny, until I took the first certification course back in July, I’d never really thought much about being CPR certified. And now it’s something that I don’t plan to let lapse. Knowing how to properly administer CPR can save lives and it is a skill that I wish was more widely taught. Consider this your PSA from me to look into a certification course near you, you never know when you’ll need it.

Are you CPR certified?

~The Countess~


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4 Responses to Refresher

  1. AMargaretV says:

    I was just thinking about getting CPR certified again this week! I was certified when I worked at a gym, but that was years ago. But just a few days ago in class my professor black out and collapsed on the floor. She hit her head and was bleeding and we had to call the peramedics! I was thinking about how I have no idea how to do CPR anymore, and if somebody in the class wasn’t a former lifeguard we all would have been lost! You never know when having that certification will save a life!

  2. I can’t believe your company wouldn’t let you keep your own certification! It’s not like they’re transferable. My company offered certification but it was a bit of a joke. I’d like to do a more formal course eventually.

    • I may go in there and see if I can get it from them, I’m evidently still on their payroll and need to figure out how to take care of that too. But I was supposed to get my entire file and they never gave it to me.

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