Bullet Point Update

  • It’s been a crazy week. Not really crazy busy, not crazy bad, not necessarily crazy good. Just crazy.  Every time I’ve sat down to write on my blog something comes up that has to get taken care of right away. Then by the time I’m not busy again…it’s way past time to be in bed. But I’ve had a lot I want to say this week.
  • I still want to share some recipes with you. The Ham rolls and pizza rolls from last week have become a new favorite in our household. The Garlic-Honey chicken recipe needs to be tried again, because the way we cooked it made it come out less than stellar.
  • I’ve had so much to say in response to other blog’s this week; but I’m afraid that what I have to say will upset/hurt the bloggess behind the post. And that’s not my intention at all, I can just see the other perspective that I’m not sure they can right now. So I’ve kept my mouth shut and haven’t really commented at all.
  • Last week, one of my disasters was that my cell phone malfunctioned and ate all my contacts. Since we got it, this thing has been one POS after another. 1) It doesn’t label phone numbers by the person’s name in the text messages…unless you have a data package. 2) It doesn’t give a notification for text messages…unless you have a data package. It was crazy, I was fed up and ready to go back to the little T-9pos that we bought when we first came here. B had other ideas.
  • I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. Complete with data plan, real minutes, and a monthly fee. I’m kind of excited to have a real cell phone again so I don’t have to constantly count every text/minute that I use.
  • We’ve bought our plane tickets to Croatia. We’ll be renting a car and traveling to the “village of waterfalls” during our week there. I’m pretty stoked all around.
  • We had to confront our one good couple friend this last week. It’s become very apparent in the last few weeks that if the girl in the couple gets the slightest bit upset with us (like because I sent B to play video games with her fiance one Saturday while she was at work and he was stuck at home doing laundry) then they “leave their phones in the car” again and again. If she’s not upset with us then we might get a response to an invite right away, but it’s not likely. This week, on Monday we invited them to come to dinner Thursday (via text b/c they don’t answer their phones); on Tuesday morning she was on facebook so I popped her a quick chat asking if they’d received our invite and she immediately logged off. On Wednesday morning she sent me a message back saying that they’d like to come. We sent back the time, but also asked them to please, please at least tell us when things are crazy with them rather than just leaving us hanging. On Thursday? She was Miss Coldfish to me the whole night. I couldn’t do anything right – she criticized our vacation choices (mostly that we were taking them because they can’t afford to), our spending habits (we mentioned looking into the iPhone), and just pretty much everything I said she was against. We know she’s the problem – but it totally sucks. We thought they were going to be the one set of friends where we liked both parties to the couple…and not just the guy.
  • I’m sort of resigned from not having any good girlfriends while I’m over here. I’ll have the way older than me Mom’s that I teach for- and they’re great for advice, small talk, and the like. And I’ll have the wives/girlfriends/fiances of B’s guy friends who are all pretty catty, petty, and bitchy to see at big social events. But no girl’s nights out. No dear friends to talk about anything/everything with.
  • I still love living out here. I get tired of people only seeing the bad (far away from friends/family, unable to go to a mall, expense) because it’s such an incredible opportunity to live here. I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and talk about how much I just want to move home. It doesn’t make it any easier to be out here (the complaining that is) and you’re not going to get to go home early. Geez, we’re all young to mid 20s and newlyweds, this should be the most exciting time – here we get to learn about being a couple with the opportunity to see all of Europe.
  • B and I are stronger than ever. It’s crazy to realize that 1 year ago today, I had finished my last day of work for Saint Mary’s Hall and I was closing up all the boxes in my apartment. The next morning I’d pack up a trailer and start the 1500 mile drive to North Dakota. I remember crying as I crossed the Red River into Oklahoma (I had to pull off into the rest area to calm my tears) because I knew I was leaving and didn’t know when I’d get to be back. I cried somewhere in Kansas too, when “God Blessed Texas” came on the radio – I had to turn it off because there was nowhere to pull off and cry at that time. And now? I’ve been married for 11 months, I’m living way further away then ND, and I have an amazing husband who loves me more than anything.
  • I’m sure you guys remember my issues with VJ – B’s ex. And that we went and visited her while we were in Denver. I was, not thrilled but not willing to tell B we couldn’t get together with her. My only stipulations were that it was just the 3 of us (none of her friends that also knew him while they were together because I didn’t want to become the odd person out), that it was just for dinner, and that we all had to stay together (I guess I was afraid she would ask him to go off with her). It was an awkward dinner especially when she expressed that she was shocked/surprised/didn’t see our engagement coming but “hoped it would work out for the best anyway.” But I survived. And we haven’t heard from her since. B brought it up the other day, saying that the only reason he planned the dinner with her in the first place was to nail shut the coffin of her hopes that he’d get back together with her. Apparently it worked. I just wish that he’d thought to clue me in to those plans. Still, aside from her pointing out that Minot was flooding (thanks, we read the news too) she hasn’t sent him any messages or anything. The peace has been nice.
  • Oh, I think my birth control has been causing me to have a folic acid deficiency. My hair has gotten really thin and breaks easily – my nails had quit growing all together, etc. So, I’ve started taking folic acid daily and wouldn’t you know? My nails are actually growing again. I think it’ll take more time for my hair to catch up.
  • I’m going to stop here for now. Even though there are about 100 other things I want to say. Maybe I’ll write an actual blog post soon. Or…maybe I’ll be too shy to want to say anything. We’ll have to see.

~The Countess~


About texancountess

I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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2 Responses to Bullet Point Update

  1. Stereo says:

    I know what you mean about commenting on blogs. There’s so much I’d LIKE to say in response to certain posts I see, but being the bad guy is never a good thing and people get upset so easily that I usually just let it go. I might have to stop though; maybe some of the things we have to say might actually be what these people need to hear. Just maybe.

    Geez, that girl you described sounds like a piece of work. I would have struggled not cursing her out to be honest. But you’re SO much nicer than me :)

  2. Shiny says:

    Yay iPhone and Croatia!!!! Does this mean we can text??? I am so praying that an awesome female comes into your life. :-)

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