Catching Up

This has been a miserable week. I was horridly ill all last weekend and spent most of the week trying to recover from it. Yesterday was the first day that I actually felt hungry. Of course this completely through off my workout schedule and I think I only actually worked out one day this last week. However, we are finally healthy. Or at least 90% back to normal.

There was a lot I wanted to blog about this week, but I really didn’t have the energy to say what needed to be said. I’m just going to bullet point it here. Hopefully I’ll actually get back to regular posting this week.

  • Eating out. This was a bad week for eating out for us. We ate out at least once daily. Of course, we also pretty much only ate one meal a day. It was a bad week. We restocked our fridge today. Both of us finally feel up to cooking again. We even have this whole week’s menu planned out. Monday is Chinese, Tuesday is Chicken Kiev, Wednesday is hamburgers, Thursday is date night, and Friday is Pizza Casserole. We’ll be eating the leftovers for lunches and of course getting in veggies and fruit with every meal. Thursday night is our weekly date night and we’ll be using it for the next several weeks to try out new restaurants.
  • Rome! We leave on April 11! I’m really excited. My in-laws are going with us and they’re picking up the hotel bill, right now the winning spot is a bed and breakfast between the Trevvi Fountain and the Colliseum. There’s so much that I want to see in Rome. B and I will be taking a train out to an Italian beach on one of the days and of course we’ll see Old Rome and the Vatican. Anyone have any other suggestions for what to see or do? What about a fabulous restaurant that you visited there? We’re looking for it all.
  • Handball. Remember that last chance tournament that Team USA needs to win to go to the Pan-Am games? Remember how it was supposed to be in March? And then in April? And then definitely sometime between 15 and 30 May? Yeah, it’s officially June 2-6. Yep, right across my sister’s wedding. So now I’m torn. Do I want B to get to go and play with Team USA? Of course I do. But I also want him with me at my sister’s wedding. It’s a small price to pay (going solo) to have him get to be on Team USA, but, still, it kind of sucks. He’s playing really well still though. He just scored 12 official points in his last game. I say official because he through a shot in at the buzzer from half court that we don’t think they counted.
  • Honeymoon. Oh yeah, this is off because of the uncertainty of whether B will be in Guatemala or not during the time of the cruise. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. We know we’ll get to go eventually, but right now it does feel like every time we try to plan something for “us” that it falls through. Still, we’re going to keep trying. Now we’re looking at a Mediterranean cruise sometime this fall.
  • Men2boyz…Yeah, so, it seems like all of the men over here are going through midlife crises in their late 20s/early 30s. All they want to do is party and have boys nights. It’s getting old. We were at lunch with Superman the other day (WonderWoman is in CONUS for a job, she’s also pregnant) and he invited us to grill out next Saturday. Only to immeadiately tell me that it was guys only. Then he said that wasn’t fair and invited me again only to disinvite me again that night. I’m so over this. My B is younger than all of these guys and acts about ten times more mature. I don’t mind him having boys nights, but, geez, lets do some couple activities. And before you suggest that I plan them, I’ve tried with this crowd, but I can’t get them to come over.
  • Girl Time. Oh yeah, Superman also mentioned that they (the guys) should introduce me to the girls group so that I could go out with them when the boys were out. Ummm, excuse me? I know his wife. I’ve met all of the girls. For whatever reason though, they don’t like me and don’t want to include me. But lets please not pretend that they’re leaving me out because they don’t know me. That’s horse-shit.
  • In-law visit! They come in on a Thursday and then we leave the following Monday for Rome. I’m excited, though some what nervous to be hosting my first set of family visits. It really should be fun.
  • Couples Group – We’re going to start a young married/newlywed group. We’re not quite sure how yet, but we’re going to do it. This way we’ll have people that aren’t violently allergic to having girls go out with them.
  • Grilling! We’re looking in to getting a grill and outdoor furniture. We have to check with our landlords to make sure they’re cool with it, but, we want to be able to grill out in the backyard.

Thanks for hanging with me during the last few weeks. I’m still trying to find my equilibrium.

~The Countess~


About texancountess

I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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2 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Stereo says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, K!

    I’m bummed that your honeymoon is being postponed but thrilled (and jealous) that you guys are heading out to Rome. I don’t have any suggestions except that you inhale as much gelato as you can while you’re out there and take a bunch of pictures so we can see what a great time you had.

    Fingers crossed for your new couples/newlyweds group. It’s about time you had some more people to hang out with, especially since B’s friends are acting like jackasses!

  2. Shiny says:

    I hope they move Bs game again so he can go to Ms wedding! Jeez.
    Can’t wait to see Rome pics and I know you’re going to be an amazing hostess for the in-laws!
    Love you. Miss you.

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