As you are reading this I am currently wandering the beautiful city of Paris, France. While this probably means that I should leave you with something equally beautiful to read, instead what I leave you with is this.

Intolerance is ugly. It doesn’t matter who is intolerant. It doesn’t matter who they’re being intolerant of. It doesn’t matter what their intolerance stems from. It’s ugly. It’s brutal. And it’s destroying humanity.

Now, if you’ve known me long, then you know I don’t like tolerance much better. I still believe that we only tolerate those things which we hate. You never hear of people tolerating ice cream or their best friends (except maybe when said bff is head over heels for some random guy and won’t quit prattling on it, but you know what I mean).

Rather, we tolerate those who are different than us. We tolerate those who make us uncomfortable. We tolerate those we’d rather shove into a little closet and pretend that they don’t exist. We tolerate those who’s beliefs, lives, manners, and culture are contrary in nature to our own.

It’s true, I don’t like tolerance. I prefer acceptance and love. Maybe that sounds too new-agey touchy-feely to you. That’s okay by me, but I find that it works.

But I hate intolerance. I don’t tolerate it. I won’t stand for it. I will call it out whenever I see it – regardless of if I agree with either party or not. Intolerance is ugly. I won’t even say that I’m intolerant of it, though I know that’s an irony just begging to be jumped upon. Because, I loathe intolerance.

There is no good reason to be intolerant. It doesn’t matter if someone wronged you, holding on to that only means that you wrong them – and their cultural group in return. Intolerance is a vicious cycle that we sink further and further into every moment that we allow its existence. Intolerance drives people apart and sends them deeper into the identity rifts that keep rising up between people.

I suppose if you are intolerant of people than tolerance is a better level. I’m still going to be naive enough to hope for love and acceptance instead.

~The Countess~


About texancountess

I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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2 Responses to Intolerance

  1. Shiny says:

    Love how you broke down what tolerance really does and why we do it – so true!
    I do have to say that I hope to always love and accept every person God brings into my life, but I am definately intolerant of actions I know are wrong done by said people. Though I’m pretty sure you were just talking about intolerance of people…? Tolerance Part II?
    Love you, Miss you!

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