A Conglomeration

I don’t want to talk about politics. I can’t wait until the election is over. That takes care of that notification.

I think I’m only applying to NYU. I’m too tired to apply to a bunch of schools that I really don’t want to go to. I know very specifically what I want to do. So, either I get in there and go to school there or I don’t get in and I stay here and teach. If I don’t get in then I’ll think about reapplying next fall.

If I don’t go to PhD school I have lots of options. I can stay here in Houston and work and teach at a variety of things. I can teach privately, at public schools, or at a community college. Or I can go back and write grants again. That was kind of fun. I also might look in to moving to San Antonio. As, I have friends there and it’s closer to family. The same teaching options are open, although they now include UTSA as well.

Let’s see, let me get this out of the way too. Yes, I am stressed out. I have a lot on my plate right now. Class, papers, grad applications (now down to just one), as well as trying to manage everything else in my life. So, I’m a little stressed. Please, don’t tell me not to be stressed. Or that I shouldn’t be stressed. It doesn’t help. Actually, it kind of pisses me off. I’ve worked very hard to be at this place and have the right to be stressed out right now.

And the final thing: I really wish people wouldn’t do two things: talk politics with a mixed group and bash other denominations. About the politics: you never have any way of knowing that everyone with you agrees with you. Your friends could be voting completely differently than you. Respect that and don’t resort to the common techniques by both sides of insisting that the other is going to ruin the country. It doesn’t make you look smart and informed. Just prejudiced and maybe a little bit radical. About the church thing: I’ve never gotten this. I was raised to believe that all Christian church denominations have good eggs and bad ones. That in every denomination you have Christians and you have non-Christians. You have God-fearing people and you have people just searching. None of them are perfect. And that’s okay, because Christ didn’t come to call the perfect. But, when we, as Christians, bash other Christians and their denominations, we just cause hard feelings. There are good reasons that both subjects are traditionally considered taboo.

~The Countess~


About texancountess

I find myself in the calming roar of the sea, floating gently on the foam of the breaking waves. Blue. Green. Gray. The colors of the sea mark the boundaries of my soul. The tumbled glass finds its polish under the relentless pounding of the waves upon the shore. Thus am I. Rough transitioning to polish, refinement ever a process, finding my niche in the storms of life.
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2 Responses to A Conglomeration

  1. Jennifer says:

    I loved this whole post.

    I totally agree with you. I hate when people I talk politics with a mixed group and bash other denominations.

    And you have every reason to be stressed. But hopefully we can make you forget about all that stressful stuff tomorrow night! I’m excited for our mini girl date for dinner and then the par-tay after that. See you tomorrow!

  2. myobi says:

    Heh. I had a guy who I haven’t talked to in a long time call me just because he figured I’d vote for Obama and wanted to convince me that I should vote for McCain. -_-

    Hope things are going better for ya.

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